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I’m Henry Lewkowicz and I’m the CEO of Context Discovery Inc. For a long time, I have been interested in the importance of context in understanding information. Intuitively we recognize the meaning of context when we say “you took my words out of context.” This phrase vividly signifies how much we care about expressing our intentions and points of view.

And maybe the most important comment is that when we think about context we really think about how relevant what we say is to our readers and listeners. Whether by deliberation or by intuition we want to grab attention and definitely be interesting and never boring…

This leads me to this point: what are the most effective ways to rapidly absorb information without being overpowered by information overload. I believe that in the Internet age, context, in particular, plays a really big role in the rapid understanding of information. Context provides perspective. Context shapes understanding. Context is an effective communication filter. Keeping those points in mind we developed application that summarizes text – web pages, emails, documents – and at the same time to zoom in on the key context.

In this blog, I hope to have a lively dialog with you on a range of subjects related to context, information overload, knowledge, learning, and other fun topics. In the course of doing so, I will be using our own application, Context Organizer, as an experiment in capturing in 1 sentence what bloggers and other writers publish. I hope that we all will have some fun with this and learn more about communication.

 Although this is primarily a business and technology blog, to a great degree it’s also my personal blog.  From time to time, amongst the customary posts, I will write about issues that I passionately care about, notes from my travels, and photos that I’ve taken.

I hope to make lots of new friends and learn a great deal in the process. Life is short…. enjoy it.

If you care to drop me a note I will be happy to hear from you.



















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