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Because the Internet is made of content…

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
There is lots of content on the Internet. The Internet is made of publishers.
And everybody knows how to publish: blogs, portals, newspapers, books, magazines, on line conversations… 
So here is a practical question: is content strategy about publishing or about consuming information? It seems that they are like hand-and-glove pairing. But is there a fit?
We are all familiar with the concept of information overload. There is not enough time and bandwith to be able to absorb all the information that is chasing us.
My work on text mining and summarization suggests that great value can be dervided from intelligently compressing large text into a much smaller text. And if the smaller text tells us through the keywords and the key sentences what the large text contains in all its rich details, than we have the best of both worlds.
The summaries are those well versed guides. They expertly inform us what we should pay attention to. They provide us with context to make us conversant with the topics. And all of this is done quickly and without overloading our cognitive capacities.
I firmly believe that content should always come with a companion summary.  This is the reason that I advocate the use of summarization as a friendly service for both the publishers and the readers.


Context Organizer is available in English, French, German and Spanish.
See Context Organizer in action.
Download Context Organizer for free today.


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On this day – February 20, 1872….

Saturday, February 20th, 2010


On this day – February 20, 1872 - the New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art opened.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the world’s largest and finest art museums. Its collections include more than two million works of art spanning five thousand years of world culture, from prehistory to the present and from every part of the globe.

Here is a summary of the Metropolitan Museum of Art  article in Wikipedia. The automatic summarization is done by Context Organizer and the mind map is rendered by Comapping. 

You can easily open any of the keywords and read the details.



* This mind map was produced using Comapping online collaborative mapping software with Context Organizer automatic summarization.

 Try Context Organizer summarization power and get the essential facts at a glance. Instantly.

 Download and try out Context Organizer for free today.

Download and try out Comapping for free today


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Go on High-Information Diet

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Go on High-Information Diet by Dustin Wax

1-Sentence Summary* 

The phrase information overload” gets more than 1.5 million hits on Google. Listen: in order to be information, an input must make you better informed. We are a nation of people who constantly react to the various inputs in our lives in the absence of information.

The fact that Google brings a huge list of links to follow can be an advantage but only if you have some tools that will help to rapidly summarize the essential content. The key in dealing with volumes of data is to be able to select smartly what in fact is concrete and useful versus fluff.

One of the technologies that may help is automatic text summarization. It speed-up reading by condensing web pages, emails and documents into keywords and summaries presented in context. By pointing to the most important content, it allows the reader to make quick determinations if they want to read the full text.

* 1-Sentence Summary is done using Context Organizer.

Download Context Organizer today.


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It’s Not Information Overload. It’s Filter Failure.

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Clay Shirky emphasizes that when we get too much information than the question that needs to be asked is: what filters do I need to stop unwanted information?

At the recent Web 2.0 Expo Clay Shirky gave an insightful account about our contemporary challenge of managing information. In a common sense manner he says that the issue is not information overload but rather the failure of filtering systems.

Clay Shirky astutely observes that information overload has been around since the Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press.
In plain language and using entertaining examples he simply says that we need to filter for quality and relevancy of information and not quantity.
 Please check out Clay’s keynote for yourself:
Clay Shirky emphasizes that when we get too much information than the question that needs to be asked is: what filters do I need to stop unwanted information?
I may add that the most effective filtering is done through context. It is context that defines our information needs and ultimately decides on the usability and value of information.

Download Context Organizer today.

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Summarization is an effective form of text mapping

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

With the Context Organizer for MindManager a text summary is instantly converted into a MindManager map without any loss of relevant text content.

The automatic map generation frees the user from tedious map charting while providing more opportunity to focus on shaping the visually mapped information.


Summaries lead the mind to focus on essential content. This enables faster evaluation and comprehension.  While summarising, the reader effectively engages in efficient contextual comprehension by gaining both the big picture and the detail expressions.

Summarization reveals text structures, while contextual associations are clearly revealed through highlighted keywords.
The Context Organizer provides the reader with the most relevant keywords as a guide to the most significant statements within the body of text.  The keywords work as quick filters enabling users to focus on the most relevant sentences of interest.
Further, the use of keywords navigates the reader through summarized content providing a superior visual format which is a more practical manager to rapid comprehension of content in context.
The advantage of using summarization for text mapping is that summarization provides the most accurate and direct text representation in the form of the most relevant keywords and sentences.
This direct approach by Context Organizer is superior to other graphical techniques which are abstract representations of text and always require further explanation.  Information mapping is a record of the reader’s comprehension, or lack of it. It’s not uncommon for graphical mapping to have little to do with the text, and the formats often used make it difficult to interpret, leaving too much for the reader to extrapolate and/or reconstruct.
Graphic organizers indeed have their place, I do however believe that summarization as a text mapping technique, effectively complements graphic organizers, by bridging the gap between texts and corresponding abstracted diagramming.
A summary as a text map provides superior expression for creating accurate and complete visual maps. This is one of the reasons that Context Organizer integrates seamlessly with Mindjet MindManager.
With the Context Organizer for MindManager a text summary is instantly converted into a MindManager map without any loss of relevant text content. The automatic map generation frees the user from tedious map charting while providing more opportunity to focus on shaping the visually mapped information. This is a unique and valuable addition that significantly enhances MindManager’s effectiveness.
Download Context Organizer today.
See the demos:
  • Turn web pages into MindManager maps with 1 click: 

Context Organizer for MindManager Demo

  • Instant Keywords and Summaries of Google Search resulst with 1 click:

Context Organizer Google Search Summarization Demo

  • Instant Keywords and Summaries of Web pages and documents with 1 click:

Context Organizer Web Pages demo  Demo


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