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Gijs van Beeck Calkoen from uses Context Organizer with Mindjet MindManager. Gijs runs the Practice for Bold Thinking to help companies and governments to solve stubborn problems such as search for new concepts and products, and focus their organization on innovation.
Gijs recently started to use Context Organizer for MindManager and dropped me this note:
It is a wonderful program to work with MindManager 8. Today I had an amazing experience. I used it to set up  a presentation about "Making innovation work in organisations" . I mindmapped some keywords; I used in Mindmanager 8 the Google/Yahoo linker, got the top 10 websites, inserted into Context Organizer, got from the summaries new ideas and aspects to consider and also new keywords for further search. In 1 1/2 hrs I got an broad overview on the subject, …and some home reading work for weeks….but by using Context Organizer it should be much, much less.

Here you can see the demo of Context Organizer for MindManager.

With Context Organizer for MindManager a text summary is instantly converted into a MindManager map without any loss of relevant text content.
The automatic map generation frees the user from tedious map charting while providing more opportunity to focus on shaping the visually mapped information. This is a unique and valuable addition that significantly enhances MindManager’s effectiveness.

Context Organizer for MindManager is an ideal tool for anyone who has to plow through reams of web pages and documents and rapidly spot and absorb pertinent facts without being lost in unnecessary details.
Download Context Organizer today.


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