How Context Organizer turns you into a speed reader?

With Context Organizer everybody, without exception, can become an instant speed reader. With just the click of a button, Context Organizer extracts the most relevant keywords and sentences!
Answer: by simply clicking a button, the essential summaries will jump off the page.
See a demo of Context Organizer’s speed reading power.
Students, bloggers, and journalists must read and understand tremendous amounts of material within short timeframes. Being able to read quickly is a vital skill that makes work and research easier.
Most speed-reading methods are based on skim reading first and in reading groups of words. It takes tremendous discipline, effort, practice, and a special aptitude to become a speed reader.
However, with Context Organizer everybody, without exception, can become an instant speed reader.
Reading speed is essential
It is certainly more satisfying to be able to read rapidly, instead of spending what seems like forever ploughing through the words, not knowing if what you read is useful or a waste of time.
Besides the enjoyment factor, you need to get through a lot of reading material in as little time as possible.
Efficient reading skills tremendously help with schoolwork and help improve grades.
Knowledge workers constantly read reports, countless web pages, and research material necessary for their jobs. If you can read faster, with greater comprehension, your chances for success are greatly increased. If you look around, you may notice that a lot of successful people are rapid readers.
Become an instant speed reader with Context Organizer
With just the click of a button, Context Organizer will extract the most relevant keywords and sentences!
You will instantly be able to know what the web page is about. The key points are highlighted. This brings your view into focus. You can view any part of the text that contains your favourite keywords. You can rapidly take notes with references. All of this is achieved with just a click of a button.
You get more done in less time. You don’t have to struggle with the text or train to become champion speed reader.
And you don’t have to struggle with information overload.
See a demo of Context Organizer speed reading power.
Here is an example of Context Organizer instant summary of this post:

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