Key phrases are all about being informative!

A key phrase is defined as a meaningful and significant expression consisting of one or more words in a document. For example a keyword "information" is very general while phrases "information overload" and further "information overload syndrome" provide much better understanding.
Appropriately, key phrases serve as a highly condensed summary for a document, and they are used as contextual labels to supplement the title or they can be highlighted within the body of the document to facilitate users’ fast browsing and reading.
Key phrases are usually manually assigned by authors, especially for journals,  conference articles or back-of-the book indexes.  However, the vast majority of documents such as news, magazine articles, web pages do not provide key phrases because the manual effort of assigning key phrases is too expensive. Therefore it is useful to automatically extract key phrases from web pages to accompany the main content of the document.
Key phrases are all about being informative!
Informativeness tells us how well a phrase captures or illustrates the key ideas.  Practice shows that users prefer using key phrases in their searches because they are getting more accurate results.
Because informativeness depends on the background information – the context – the more context we have  the better is our understanding.
Context plays crucial role in rapid information analysis and synthesis. Software tools, such as Context Organizer,  that specialize in spotlighting the key phrases provide a convenient shorthand for researchers and writers.
Context Organizer immediately focuses on the essential information and helps with rapid reviews of large number of documents in short time. Quick reviews of the key phrases with relevant context provide practical clues as to the usefulness of the information.



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