Treat any Web page like a Twitter summary


We live online where immediacy, brevity and speed are of great value when we interact with the World.  For example, what do we most love about Twitter?

The speed with which Twitter allows for a fast and easy sharing using no more than 140 characters to tell the entire story: beginning, middle and the end.
Brevity helps with getting to the point. Twitter is the ultimate summarization media. Tell your great idea and point me to some page. And if I’m interested in the detail I’ll go there and even tell other people about it. I will re-Twitt. What a caring treatment of the reader’s time!
Brevity promptly reveals the essence. So what can we do with the non-Twitter media where we are faced with long stories….much longer than the 140 characters on Twitter.

The answer is that we can summarize web pages and documents. And when the keywords and the key sentences pop up we instantly see the focus of the page. Very much like in the Twitter message.

See Brian Friedlander’s demo on how Context Organizer summarizes Google searches:


 Try Context Organizer summarization power and treat any Web page like a Twitter summary.

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About Henry

Hi, I’m Henry Lewkowicz and I’m the CEO of Context Discovery Inc. For long time I have been interested in the importance of context in understanding information. Intuitively we recognize the meaning of context when we say “you took my words out of context”. This phrase vividly signifies how much we care about our intentions and point of view. I believe that in the Internet age context plays a big role in rapid understanding of information. I’ll go on the record and say that in fact seeing information in context dramatically speeds understanding and simplifies application of information. In this blog I hope to have a lively dialog with you on a range of subjects related to context, information overload, knowledge, learning and other fun topics. In the course of doing it I will be using our own application, Context Organizer, as an experiment in capturing in 1 sentence what bloggers and other writers publish. I hope that we all will have some fun with it and learn more about communicating. Although this is primarily a technology and business blog, to great degree it's also my personal blog. From time to time, amongst the customary posts, I will write about issues that I passionately care about, my travels, and photos that I've taken. Periodically I refer to my family or friends, and sometimes you even see my vacation photos. I hope to make lots of new friends and learn a great deal in the process. Life is too short…. Enjoy, and feel free to write to me.
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