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We Cannot Have Too Much Information

We are used to looking at information in a linear way. Typically when we read web pages and documents we are like hunters trying to spot the most valuable information that is hidden in the text.
Our mind directs us to filter information until we find the relevant pearls of wisdom we are searching for. The sifting through vast reams of content is not efficient and mostly tedious.
So the question is: what if we had an ability to quickly access the content according to our wishes? This could mean that  we could directly ask a retrieval system what we need and the system would give us relevant choices.
For example, if we were interested in a specific topic, the search would provide a rich selection of relevant summaries – not links only – directly pertaining to our interests.
So instead of getting a long list of links to documents containing our search term we would get a handy list of the most important excerpts! And all this without the need to analyze each link.
This way of using content makes a huge difference. Instead of being crushed by too much information to analyze, we have direct access only to information that is of immediate interest to us. No more we need to spend time on fruitless sifting and sorting. Instead we get the relevant information directly.
How this is possible? By organizing and indexing information according to the summaries. Very much similar to the way we used to access information using the back-of-the-book index. Only now we can build a web-based back-of-the-book index that serves as an intelligent shortcut to getting desired information quickly and accurately.


 * This mind map was produced using Comapping online collaborative mapping software with Context Organizer automatic summarization.

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One Response to “We Cannot Have Too Much Information”

  1. gerry Says:


    Interesting post. Makes absolute sense. I wondered if you have had similar thoughts in the context of social networks, such as Twitter, where information is streamed in real-time i.e. there is no retrieval per se but contextually based and rendered in a non-linear way such as a “workspace”? Typically, these linear streams are those that I choose to receive but, because timelines are rendered in a linear way, become increasingly difficult and tedious to manage. So, in the event of an increased rate of flow of information, organic or otherwise, there is a directly proportional difficulty and frustration in managing it.