What educators say about WikiSummarizer

Visual presentation communicates information clearly and effectively through graphical means. WikiSummarizer is a Web-based application that summarizes Wikipedia articles and presents them as Visual Summaries, Tree Views and Keyword Clouds with links to Wikipedia Knowledge Base.

 Here are some comments about WikiSummarizer by bloggers writing about tools for education and learning .  


1.   Try the New Wiki Summarizer Features

"Last year I discovered Wiki Summarizer and almost immediately started sharing it in many of my presentations. Wiki Summarizer is a site that allows you to search Wikipedia, have articles summarized by key points, and provides lists of articles that are related to your original search. Wiki Summarizer now offers hyperlinked word clouds for every Wikipedia article."


Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

 2.   WikiSummarizer Adds Keyword Cloud  


"If you have ever played around with Wordle then you know just how much fun it is to see the keywords from a website jump out at you- visually showing you the topics that have been covered. Wikisummarizer generated the Keyword Cloud very quickly and when I was done I copied the embed code that was supplied and pasted it into my blog for all of you to see."

by Brian Friedlander – Assistive Technology

 3.   Wiki Summarizer: A Google Wonder Wheel Substitute

"Called the WikiSummarizer this tool automatically generates outlines from Wikipedia articles on any topic. The result—much like the result of a Wonder Wheel search—-is a condensed list of important subtopics connected to a broader concept."


by Bill Ferriter – The Tempered Radical

4.   WikiSummarizer Outlines Wikipedia

"WikiSummarizer is a site that allows you to search Wikipedia, have articles summarized by key points, and provides lists of articles that are related to your original search."


Richard Byrne – Free Technology for Teachers

 5.   WikiSummarizer as a tool for “learning on your own"


"WikiSummarizer, in combination with mind maps, has the astounding capacity to both guide your inductive intuition in a purely deductive way, and to help you synthesize huge bodies of bare facts and draw helpful conclusions."


by Michael Szostalo

 6. Wiki Summarizer an easy way to outline Wikipedia

" WikiSummarizer automatically summarizes the Wikipedia articles. The program identifies the most important keywords and ranks them by relevancy. For each keyword the most significant sentences in the original text are presented to the reader."


 Technology Bits Bytes & Nibbles!

 7. WIKISUMMARIZER: Point Form Summary Of A Wikipedia Entry

"Today’s tool, WIKISUMMARIZER is amaz­ing in many respects. It’s a com­puter pro­gram that scans a Wikipedia arti­cle, iden­ti­fies the main points, then cre­ates an out­line with them. It does this by iden­ti­fy­ing the impor­tant key­words and ranks them by rel­e­vancy. That’s def­i­nitely a notch above num­ber crunch­ing or code execution."


John Goldsmith – DE Tools Editor

 8. Key Words, Wiki Summarizer & College Reading

"Summarizer could be very useful in helping students identify key words – a skill that almost everyone in a reading class needs to improve. Key words pop out for skilled readers, and we often assume that they pop for everyone. Not so.  Wiki Summarizer may provide a useful tool to help me with that."



 9. WikiSummarizer is Great For Summarizing Wikipedia

"WikiSummarizer is great for long Wikipedia articles or getting the key points about a topic. Instead of reading the whole article you can just read the important parts. WikiSummarizer is perfect for accessing key points of information quickly."


Assistive Technology Blog

 10. WikiSummarizer – Get The Best Wikipedia Results 

"Wiki Summarizer is a great application for educators. We all know Wikipedia is a great resource for both teachers and students. It is probably the primary springboard for students online searches. With Wiki Summarizer , Wikipedia will have a another feel . It will enable them to get the best results all summarized in one page and accessible at the instance of a click. Their broad topics will now be narrowed down and so much time will be save."


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


About Context Discovery WikiSummarizer

WikiSummarizer is a Web-based summarization portal that summarizes Wikipedia articles and presents the results as a structured outline, a Visual Summary and a Keyword Cloud.

The Visual Summary can be navigated in any browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The Keyword Cloud is linked with Wikipedia Knowledge Base. When you click on the keyword in the cloud you will be presented with an instant Visual Summary.

The keywords and summaries are easily exported to other applications such as word editors, browsers, mind mapping applications like Mindjet MindManager, MindGenius, XMind, and any other mind mapping application.

The summaries are stored in a knowledge library.

Report writers can be easily used for knowledge mining of the summaries, keywords and links. The Wikipedia Knowledge Base search function works as a back-of-the-book index pointing to the most relevant summaries and links.

For more information about installing WikiSummarizer for your organization or as a cloud server please contact wikisummarizer@contextdiscovery.com


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